Introduction to JMRI AppleScript Support

JMRI AppleScript Support is an easy way to add the AppleScript scripting language available only on macOS to an application that supports scripting via the Java scripting API.

Java versions 7 and 8 for macOS include AppleScript support, but do not advertise it to Java applications. This JAR advertises that support to Java applications running on macOS under Java 1.7 or 1.8.

Java version 9 is expected to drop AppleScript support entirely, so this JAR provides no benefits on that version of Java.

Use with JMRI

You can add AppleScript support to JMRI by entering the following command in a window:

bash <( curl -sSL )

You can also install manually.


You can add AppleScript support to your Java application by bundling applescript-1.0.jar with your application. Learn More